There are a whole range of kidnapping threats around the world, some political, some religious, some ethnic and indeed some are terrorist related, but most are simply criminal. How do we feel about paying the relatively modest ransoms in Sudan or Haiti? where kidnapping is just a business. Can we come up with a list of places it is Ok to pay and others where it isn't.  How sad to lose a staff member in Haiti for the sake of $5,000? This is designed to promote discussion around the 'grey area' of when it is OK to pay and when it isn't.  Take care.  David 

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You don't feed bears and you don't pay ransom to kidnappers regardless of any category they may fall under. Business is supply and demand. The more you pay kidnappers, the more you will encourage kidnappers to continue the practice. This is true regardless of the motive of the kidnappers or the amount they are demanding. Unfortunately giving them what they want and hoping they will go away is the easy way out and many take it. Although I feel terrible for the victim as any decent person would, I would feel even worse if I contributed to anyone else ending up in the same situation.

Furthermore, you are not handing over pieces of paper to the kidnappers, you are giving them resources. What will they use that 5,000 dollars for? I'd bet it won't go to feeding homeless veterans or saving puppies. Bad people use money for bad things.

Thank you for posting this because it is a very big issue. Although I am strongly against paying ransoms, the suffering the victims' families must be facing is unimaginable and the idea of simply throwing money at them to make it all end must be so comforting. On the other hand, the guilt some families have that did not pay ransom must be equally hard. God bless the victims and their families.  



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