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Education & Professional Development

NGO Security Professional Development Program

INSSA will create an NGO Security Professional Development Program (PDP) based on the certification framework.  This will entail defining three to five NGO security professional levels, ranging from entry level to senior level, using competencies specified in the certification framework. The competencies required at each professional NGO Security certification level will continue to be indexed against existing ISO certified security industry standards and training content. 

In addition, INSSA will also develop and finalize a series of post-certification professional development (PCPD) requirements for retaining the highest level of certification reached by an individual.  These continuing education requirements will be aligned with internationally recognized standards to ensure that once certification is achieved it is properly maintained and the concepts and skills of the certified individual are updated appropriately.

Because the initial certification and post-certification requirements for each level are guided by international standards and not arbitrarily assigned, this professional development program will help alleviate barriers to career development in the NGO security field often faced by women and national staff.  INSSA has also considered the perceived barriers the concept of PCPD could present to national staff and to remote field staff based on finances, access and other factors.  However, many of the envisioned post-certification requirements do not have a financial price tag, nor are they tied to geography.

For example, the PCPD activities will be represented as a menu of approved activities including, but not limited to: trainings, demonstrations of  more sophisticated competency learning through experience gained as well as the active involvement in NGO Safety and Security organizations, events, joint assessments and training, meetings and a host of related NGO Security community engagement including active participation in field based safety offices (INSOs), regional NGO Security forums (SAG, EISF, SMI, HHI), NGO Security Research opportunities and involvement as an active continuing member of INSSA. The PCPD will not only better connect NGO Security professionals but will inform and add value to existing NGO Security structures, organizations, forums and cooperation efforts across the community adding perpetual value to both related and unrelated donor funding for NGO Security initiatives.


NGO Safety and Security Career Resource Guide

The establishment of the certification framework, accreditation process and the NGO security professional development program are major steps in the professionalization of the NGO security community.  However, aspiring individuals and organizations require additional resources that provide specific insight, supporting career information and appropriate NGO safety and security focused platform information.  To address this need, INSSA will develop an NGO Safety and Security Career Resource guide that will deliver detailed, accessible information and relevant resources.  The career resource guide will describe security positions and include sample job descriptions with corresponding competencies. 


INSSA Education & Professional Development Resources

Online Resource Library

INSSA provides an online library available to members containing information on: security management, crisis management, business continuity, contingency planning, field guides and manuals, policy and research papers as well as articles. Through its strategic partnerships and member support, there are also links to the most current NGO safety and security data, incident mapping, and other websites to broaden its resource collection.

eLearning and Online Education

INSSA has formed partnerships with some of the best and largest organizations to provide access to the most cutting edge eLearning and online education content in the field of NGO safety and security.  Members are entitled to discounted and often free access to these sites to continue their professional development and expand their knowledge in the field. 



In addition to the forums and groups, INSSA also hosts regular briefings and networking events for NGO security professionals, as well as public events to inform and raise awareness about NGO security issues.

Briefings, Seminars, and Networking Events

INSSA briefings, seminars, and networking events bring together leading subject matter experts with NGO safety and security practitioners from around the world to provide to insights into the issues and concerns facing NGO safety and security program implementers. The events also shed light on best practices and innovations in the field and promote collaboration and networking opportunities. INSSA also works with its partners and affiliates to promote events on mutually relevant topics to the field of NGO safety and security, and when possible, extending member discounts on attendance fees. INSSA also maintains a global events calendar that lists NGO safety and security events being held around the world allowing members to stay connected and up-to-date on technical innovations and emerging methodologies and practitioners around the world.

INSSA Monthly Briefing (IMB)

The INSSA Monthly Briefing covers a variety of subjects relevant to the safety and security of humanitarian relief and development assistance workers. From country and regional updates, to technology and methodology innovations, attendees will gain timely insights and information from leading experts and practitioners. The IMB occurs on the third or fourth Wednesday of every month from 08:00-09:00 EST at INSSA's offices in Washington, DC and simulcast via teleconference around the world.


To get involved in furthering the INSSA Professional Development Program please email us at: standards@ingossa.org


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