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Individual Certification and Training Accreditation

A competency-based, ISO approved NGO security certification process to test, evaluate, validate and grant multiple levels of competency-based certifications for international and national NGO staff members would radically improve the NGO community and in time, establish true capacity building so that local ownership of security management is achieved. This single activity will create clear and transparent opportunities, leveling the playing field for national staff and providing the space for gender equality in the NGO Safety and Security field to flourish.  Under this activity, INSSA proposes to build on its existing work of defining competencies and formally establishing a process for individual certification and training accreditation for security professionals. 

INSSA has initiated the development of a certification framework and will work with partners, consultants and members to refine and finalize this framework.  The certification framework outlines four, inter-connected areas, described below:

  • Competencies: skills and knowledge aligned to the core element of enabling humanitarian assistance for an individual at specific levels
  • Assessment: measurement of achieving the skills and knowledge
  • Certification: the process of acknowledging the competency achievement
  • Accreditation: the process of granting approval to training providers


Accreditation: Training providers must be accredited by INSSA to offer courses that qualify for certification. For each company or organization offering training under the INSSA Certification Framework, INSSA will verify that:

  • The training matches the competency levels and covers the correct skills development;
  • The training provides a professional pathway for development;
  • Trainers have been assessed as to their standard and are regularly audited;
  • All applicable good practice or standards are applied; and
  • INSSA code of conduct for training providers has been signed and is complied with.


Included in the process for accreditation is the finalization of the management system for recording, storing, certifying and re-accrediting training courses every three years.  INSSA will not accredit or approve training organizations as a whole or as a brand, but rather specific courses which individuals could take will be accredited towards INSSA Individual Certification under the INSSA Professional Development Program (PDP).

To get involved in this critical work of the identification and development of standards please email us at: standards@ingossa.org

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