Enabling the delivery of humanitarian and development assistance.


INSSA strives to encourage cooperation, innovation, and resource sharing among aid workers, humanitarian and development assistance organizations, donor agencies, and governmental bodies by creating a network of and for individuals dedicated to the safety and security of international aid/development workers around the world.  INSSA takes collaboration to the next level through its existing (and always expanding) groups and forums, creating opportunities for networking and engaging the wider community in the cutting edge, professionalization of the NGO security community.


With over 1000 members, INSSA is comprised of individuals representing over 400 organizations, operating in 130 countries. INSSA’s webpage is utilized by people in over 140 countries, and membership continues to grow. 

Additionally, in recognition of the growing number of mobile internet users, particularly in low-infrastructure countries, where mobile broadband is often the only method available, INSSA is working to develop low-bandwidth applications and refining its existing website for mobile web-users to further facilitate communications for its diverse global membership. 

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