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Corporate Membership Benefits & Annual Dues

Becoming a Corporate Supporter is open to companies that provide services and products to the humanitarian relief and development assistance sectors. INSSA recognizes the valuable contribution to NGO safety and security made by private companies and believes their active participation promotes dialogue, best practices, and innovation. Corporate Supporter benefits include[1]:

Access to Individual and Organizational Supporters[2]

Individual Members: Individual Members are the backbone of INSSA and more often than not the users and beneficiaries of the products and services your company provides. Additionally, Security Managers, especially those in the field, often play a key role in deciding which products and services will be utilized.

Organizational Supporters: Demonstrate you company’s commitment to providing clients with the knowledge and capabilities to work safely and securely in the hostile environments they live and work.

Business Development

RFP Announcements: A single forum to view NGO specific request for proposals (RFP) for products, services and support requirements.


Engagement: Connect with leaders in the humanitarian aid and development assistance sphere by participating in special Corporate Supporter events focused on NGO safety and security.

Sponsorship: Promote your company's products and services by sponsoring INSSA programs, events, and other thematic initiatives.

Human Resource and Capacity Development

Human Resources: Gain access to and identify key stake holders and practitioners within the NGO sector in order to fill positions worldwide via INSSA's career link and member directory.

Product/Services Innovation: Know what your clients want and increase your company's understanding of the humanitarian and development assistance market through involvement in issue specific workgroups.

Event Discounts

Featured Events: Corporate supporters will have their events featured at the top of INSSA's Event Calendar as well as on the site's home page giving them extra visibility to INSSA's growing worldwide membership

Events: Employees of Corporate Supporters can receive discounts to attend INSSA and INSSA partner events and trainings.

Website Acknowledgements

Logo Placement: Corporate Supporters have their company logo placed on the INSSA website rotating “INSSA Supporters” block in the right-hand column of most pages.

Supporters Page Listing & Link: Corporate Supporters are listed on INSSA “Supporters” page found in the website’s footer. The listing includes a hyperlink to webpage of the company’s choosing.

Corporate Annual Revenue[3]

Annual Dues

> $1m

$ 2,500.00

$1m < $5m

$ 3,250.00

$5m < $15m

$ 4,000.00

$15 < $25m

$ 4,750.00

$25m < $50m

$ 5,500.00

$50m < $75m

$ 6,250.00

$75m <

$ 7,000.00

Choose your annual Corporate Supporter dues level and click on the "Become an INSSA Corporate Supporter" tab below.

[1] Certain restrictions apply to Corporate Supporters. Please see INSSA’s by-laws for further details.

[2] Individual Members and Organizational Supporters can only be contacted if permission is indicated on their member profile. Companies (and their employees) who contact members who state they do not wish to be contacted for commercial reasons risk losing their Supporter status and any paid annual dues.

[3] Membership dues are based on annual revenues. INSSA reserves the right to request copies of official corporate earnings.

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