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Global Events Calendar

INSSA’s events calendar lists NGO safety and security events being held around the world allowing members to stay connected and up to date on technical innovations, emerging methodologies, and practitioners around the world.

Briefings, Seminars, and Networking Events

INSSA briefings, seminars, and networking events bring together leading subject matter experts with NGO safety and security practitioners from around the world to provide to insights into the issues and concerns facing NGO safety and security program implementers.  The events also shed light on best practices and innovations in the field and promote collaboration and networking opportunities. 

INSSA also works with its partners and affiliates to promote events on mutually relevant topics to the field of NGO safety and security, and when possible, extending member discounts on attendance fees.

INSSA Briefing (IB)

The INSSA Briefing covers a variety of subjects relevant to the safety and security of humanitarian relief and development assistance workers.  From country and regional updates, to technology and methodology innovations, attendees will gain timely insights and information from leading experts and practitioners.

For the time being, the IB occurs on an ad hoc basis, though we try to schedule them for the third or fourth Wednesday of the month. They are generally conducted from INSSA's offices in Washington, DC and simulcast via the web on the INSSA Live! page on this site or  INSSA's YouTube channel.  Times may vary but we always try to take time zones into account to accommodate our members around the world.  However, if you are unable to attend in person or see the live broadcast, filmed events are always available on the INSSA website under "Past Events" as well as INSSA's YouTube channel.

Disclaimers of Liability

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Furthermore, no warranty of any kind, implied, expressed, or statutory, including but not limited to warranties of accuracy, reliability, reputability, and completeness, and freedom from computer virus or other computer problem, is made with respect to the contents of this website or to its reference to or links to other resources and websites.

Strategic Alliances

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