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INSSA continuously strives to provide its members with access to the goods and services that can help best inform their decision making process. With that goal in mind, INSSA has developed partnerships with organizations and companies that will offer discounts to INSSA members.

AKE provides a variety of fully integrated risk management services to Media, NGOs and insurance, shipping, engineering and energy companies. Our approach to risk mitigation is based on acceptance by and working with local communities, leaders, beneficiaries and other stakeholders. AKE distinguishes itself from other security services companies by using proactive and information-based methods in order to assess, monitor, train for and mitigate risk.


Armadillo is one of the world’s most respected providers of safety and security training. For more than two decades NGOs and private companies, working in some of the most dangerous environments, have benefited from our unique mix of cutting edge theory and practical experience.


Cosantóir Group is an international risk mitigation and crisis management consulting company. Our role is to assist individuals and organizations operating in developing countries with risk analysis and mitigation to address the realities of working in difficult and complex environments. We also guide our clients in dealing with rapid onset and acute situations.


Exclusive Analysis is a specialist intelligence company that forecasts commercially relevant political and violent risks worldwide. We leverage our unique global source network and highly systemized intelligence methodology to deliver accurate, decision-ready forecasts to business leaders across the world.

Track24 provides systems to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), commercial organizations and governments in the most high-risk regions of the world. Experts in managing live incidents in the most difficult, remote, and high-risk areas of the world, Track24 specializes in providing tailored solutions to the specific needs of clients. Thanks to its commitment to excellence and innovation, Track24 has managed to set the benchmark for the technological and service quality standards required in the highly demanding market of the Security Tracking and Risk Management Sector (STRMS).


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