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INSSA Directory & Groups

One of INSSA's major goals is to enable humanitarian relief and development workers to connect and engage with each other as well as NGO security professionals and the broader security industry to discuss topics relevant to INSSA's mission, develop a network of individuals around the world to share resources, and create a platform for members of the NGO and private sector to exchange ideas and methodologies to shape best practices and standards.  INSSA's Directory and Working Groups allows members to:


  • Connect with other INSSA members and security professionals working in the same geographic region or interest.
  • Join Working Groups focused on specific topics from technology and donor requirements to country and cultural issues.
  • Participate in open forums to share knowledge and information.


Working Groups

Working groups are set up and managed by INSSA staff upon request by members.  Group members must be approved by the group's administrator and may be limited to individuals with a relevant need or position within their organization.  Current Working Groups include:



Start a Group or Forum*

If you have a suggestion for a group or forum please email groups@ingossa.org with the name of the group and a short description of the group's purpose.


*Please note that groups and forums are subject to review to ensure they are aligned with INSSA's mission.  Additionally, membership may be limited to NGO security professionals only depending on the sensitivity of topics being discussed.

Strategic Alliances

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