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Letter from INSSA Board Chair

                                                                                                                                   February 5, 2018

Dear INSSA members.

I am honored to have been recently elected as the Chair of INSSA Board of Directors.  Our new Vice-Chair is Jim LeBlanc.  For more information on the INSSA Board of Directors go to INSSA BoD.

On behalf of INSSA membership and the Board of Directors, I wish to acknowledge the outstanding leadership and dedication of outgoing Chair, Dominic Crowley (2012-18).  Under Dominic’s leadership INSSA has gotten off the ground, grown to 2560 members, and has emerged as an influential actor in the safety and security risk management field.  Through Dominic’s efforts INSSA received a grant from Irish Aid to develop a competency-based certification process for security risk management professionals.  As you know, we launched the Country-level certification in December through the efforts of many INSSA members and support from partners. The Board is committed to building on Dominic’s legacy.  There is still much work to do to launch the Regional-level certification, and to develop the Global-level and Executive-level certification processes. To do this we need your support. 

The INSSA Board of Directors is composed of unpaid volunteers.  Board members contribute significant personal time, effort, and funds to support the INSSA mission.  To move INSSA forward and to better reflect your views and priorities, I am committed to improving member engagement.  Member engagement may take many forms: participation on work groups, responding to surveys, providing feedback, donating funds, mentoring, participating in/promoting the INSSA certification program.  You’ll be hearing more about this in the weeks and months ahead.

INSSA was originally established in 2010 under a grant from OFDA.  Since then we have survived based on individual and partner donations, and the Irish Aid grant.   To reach our ambitions though, we need to generate more operating capital.  To this end we have reached out to generous suporters and will develop proposals to key donors.  As INSSA currently does not require a membership fee, we are inviting members to support INSSA’s efforts by voluntarily donating now.   Any contribution is welcome.

Thanks to all of you for your continued support of INSSA.  I look forward to engaging with you more frequently and am open to your input and feedback at chair@inssa.ngo

Michael O’Neill

Chair, INSSA Board of Directors

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