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Become an INSSA Organizational Supporter

Becoming an Organizational Supporter is open to both non-profit and for-profit Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), international government and private donor agencies, foundations, as well as universities and academic institutions. This cross-section of organizations contributes to the promotion of best practices and innovation in the field of NGO safety and security.  In addition to the Individual Member benefits, Organizational Supporter benefits include:


Demonstrate your organization's commitment to providing your national and international staff with the knowledge and capabilities to work safely and security in hostile environments they live and work.


Policy Development: Help frame the direction of NGO safety and security policy by uniting with other NGOs to draw attention to the safety and security needs of field staff and promote increased funding for dedicated training and resources.


Engagement: Connect with leaders in the humanitarian aid and development assistance safety and security sphere by participating in special Organizational Supporter events.

Human Resource and Capacity Development

Human Resources: Gain access to and identify security experts and practitioners to fill positions worldwide via INSSA's career link and member directory.

Benchmarking: Increase your organization's understanding and capacity through involvement in issue specific workgroups.

Events Discounts

Events: Employees of Organizational Supporters can receive discounts to attend INSSA and INSSA partner events and trainings.

Organizational Supporter

Annual Dues





$1m < $5m


$5m < $15


$15m < $25m


$25m < $50m


$50m < $75m


$75m <



Choose your annual Organizational Supporter dues level and click on the "Become an INSSA Organizational Supporter" tab below.

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