Enabling the delivery of humanitarian and development assistance.

Strategic Partners & Advisers*


The Aid & International Development Forum (AIDF) is the world leading forum for the humanitarian aid, relief and development sectors which facilitates partnerships, addresses global humanitarian and development issues and encourages the sharing of expertise.



The Aid Worker Security Database (AWSD) records major incidents of violence against aid workers, with incident reports from 1997 through the present. Initiated in 2005, to date the AWSD remains the single most comprehensive global source of this data, providing a much-needed quantitative evidence base for analysis of the changing security environment for civilian aid operations. For more detail on the AWSD click here.



Concern Worldwide is an international humanitarian organization dedicated to tackling poverty and suffering in the world’s poorest countries.

Concern works in partnership with the very poorest people in these countries, directly enabling them to improve their lives, as well as using our knowledge and experience to influence decisions made at a local, national and international level that can significantly reduce extreme poverty.



The Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation provides programs and services designed to help the non-profit sector increase its impact by leveraging human capital management software and strategies. We magnify our support and reach by leveraging the expertise and resources of our customer, partner, and employee ecosystems. Our goal is simple: by investing in the non-profit sector, we can help transform, strengthen, and empower communities around the world.



Cosantóir Group is an international risk mitigation and crisis management consulting company. Our role is to assist individuals and organizations operating in developing countries with risk analysis and mitigation to address the realities of working in difficult and complex environments. We also guide our clients in managing their response to sudden crisis events, such as kidnapping, evacuation due to political unrest or terrorism, medical crisis, natural disasters, etc.



With a mission to bring greater efficiency to international development, Devexworks to provide innovative products and services to address the needs of each member of our development community. Today, our social enterprise has become the largest provider of business intelligence and recruitment services to the development community; serving a majority of the world’s leading donor agencies, companies, NGOs and development professionals.



Humanitarian Outcomes is an independent team of professionals providing evidence-based analysis and policy consultations to governments and international organizations on their humanitarian response efforts.



Humanitarian Policy focuses on delivering transformative and practical policy initiatives, and workshop facilitation for policy design and implementation.



Insecurity Insight is a team of experts who apply an innovative method for generating data on the impact of insecurity on people's lives and wellbeing. This method, based on the 'Taback-Coupland model' of armed violence, has been used to study: the nature and patterns of people's insecurity during armed conflict insecurity associated with sexual, criminal and insurgent violence insecurity arising from particular categories of weapon (e.g. bombs, small arms) insecurity among particular groups of victims, such as journalists and humanitarian workers.



InsideNGOis a collaborative community that strengthens the operational and management capacity of the international development and relief non-profit community in the pursuit of global development.



InterActionis the largest alliance of U.S.-based international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), with more than 190 members working in every developing country.  Members are faith-based and secular, large and small, with a focus on the world’s most poor and vulnerable populations.



Plexus Consulting Group, LLC is an employee-owned firm, providing not-for-profit and public service sectors with the tools and experience to operate efficiently and effectively. Some of our areas of focus, structured along lines of industry specialization, include Globalization, Education, Workforce Development, Healthcare, and Financial Services. With consultants coming from four continents, Plexus hosts a diverse group of multilingual, multitalented staff to serve both local and global needs of our clients.



The Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) is the office within USAID responsible for facilitating and coordinating U.S. Government emergency assistance overseas. As part of USAID’s Bureau for Democracy, Conflict, and Humanitarian Assistance (DCHA), OFDA provides humanitarian assistance to save lives, alleviate human suffering, and reduce the social and economic impact of humanitarian emergencies worldwide.



The Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian Law at American University's Washington College of Law was established in 1990 to provide scholarship and support for human rights initiatives in the United States and around the world. The Center works with students, academics and practitioners to enhance the understanding and implementation of human rights and humanitarian law domestically, regionally and internationally.

The Center explores emerging intersections in the law and seeks to create new tools and strategies for the creative advancement of international norms. In addition to ongoing work with students, which includes skills development seminars, lunchtime learning sessions, conferences and workshops, the Center runs grant-funded projects which seek to impact and shape the global conversation around a range of key human rights issues.


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