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Unexpected situations and hidden crisis management talent

The phone rang, loud and persistent. The members of the crisis team looked expectantly at one another. Who was going to answer it?

That was shortly after we heard that Alex had missed last night’s curfew and didn’t return to the compound. The guards, dozing in the tropical African heat, had failed to report anything amiss. It was several hours before anyone noticed that Alex was not in his room. So where was he?

It wasn’t long before we found out. One of the local boys heard a…


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Bleasure: Why not?

Imagine this: you're on a business trip in an exotic location and you're longing for a vacation. Your flight and hotel are already paid for, so would it be so bad to stay for a few more days? It's just a matter of working hard for a couple of days, then it's time to relax and sip cocktails by the pool! Who wouldn't…


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Active Groups in Lebanon & Syria

In fall 2016, a small group of interns from the Hague University of Applied Sciences started a research project at CSD on active (armed) groups in Lebanon and Syria. The team consists out of four students; Nadia Ben Hadj, Rita Auro,…


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Over 300,000 U.S. students study abroad each year and that number is growing. David Suomi, a Risk Management Consultant with Travel Document Systems (TDS), recently had the opportunity to speak with Scott Lockman, Sr. Vice President at Assurance, about what academic institutions ­– and families who are preparing to send a student overseas – should be thinking about for the best possible outcome.…


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Healthcare & International Travel

                  Preparing Your Travelers for International Healthcare Challenges


By David Suomi

Part 2: Preparing Your Travelers for International Healthcare Challenges

Some would say the benefits of traveling internationally are endless. For students, they can experience different cultures, taste exotic foods, learn new languages. For…


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Travel Risk Management Duty of Care Checklist by David Suomi

Travel Risk Management Duty of Care Checklist

By David Suomi…


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Know Before You Go: It's More Than a Catchy Phrase by Joe Gleason

Know Before You Go: It's More Than a Catchy Phrase

By Joe Gleason…


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Who's Where? Tracking travel -- an essential part of duty of care, By Joe Gleason


By …

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Duty of Collaboration: The Changing Personality of NGO Security, By Matthew Thacker

Duty of Collaboration: The Changing Personality of NGO Security

By Matthew Thacker

Excerpt from an article posted on …


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Terrorism and Globalisation

Terrorism...let's attempt to define terrorism: unlawful or threatened use of force or violence against individuals or property in an attempt to coerce or intimidate governments or societies to achieve political, religious or ideological objectives..

  Terrorism is designed to create power where is non, or consolidate it where is little, terrorism has an aim. We find two types of terrorism, traditional terrorism and international terrorism.

Traditional terrorism - motivation is…


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NGO Traffic Accident Rates

Does anyone know where I can find information about the rate of traffic accidents involving NGOs in the field and the number of killed/injured? Perhaps for the years 2014/15?


Paul Hughes


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On the Importance of Human Connection: Fear, Ebola, and Security

On the Importance of Human Connection: Fear, Ebola, and Security

Originally posted 27 March 2015 on HumEthNet and cross posted with Political Violence at a Glance …


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Humanitarian Security and the State’s Monopoly of Force

I am going to assume that everyone participating in INSSA knows that humanitarian relief organizations and other NGOs operate in regions of the world where their work is desperately needed but not uniformly welcome. Many NGOs operate in regions of the world where one faction or another derives its power from creating insecurity and instability. Humanitarian relief threatens that power base. In other situations, the absence of government authority fosters brigandage. The brigand may not be…


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Ebola: Situation Update from International SOS

Please review the below link for updated information on International SOS capabilities in West Africa for both Ebola and non-Ebola cases.  This was sent recently to all of our NGO clients in response to numerous requests on this topic.



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Challenges of Education in Northern Nigeria

This OSC analysis focuses on the status of education in northern Nigeria. The report aims to shed a light upon the major issues facing women in their pursuit of knowledge. Low literacy levels, poverty, terrorism, the upcoming 2015 elections and international involvement will all be focal points in the identification of possible trends and ways forward in the current socio-political crisis in the country.…


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Simson Security Management System, nine years of development

By Ebe Brons, INSSA Board Member and CEO of Centre for Safety and Development**

Nine years ago we, Arjen Joosse who works for World Vision and Ebe Brons from Centre for Safety and Development, started the Simson system***. Our idea was to develop a system in which NGOs can share their security incidents. The goal of the system: saving the lives of aid…


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Non Russian Russian Speaker needed

NGO security person with fluent Russian but not a Russian passport holder needed for position in Ukraine starting November 2014.

Let me know if you know of anybody suitable please?



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NGO Security Incident Reporting; Towards a “Just Culture” (Part I)

NGO Security Incident Reporting; Towards a “Just Culture” (Part I)

Written by: Ebe Brons, Director Centre for Safety and Development, ebe@centreforsafety.org


“The single greatest impediment to error prevention … is that we punish people for making mistakes.” Dr. Lucian Leape, Professor, Harvard School of Public Health


Getting security incidents reported within NGOs is incredibly difficult. Many NGO managers are aware that…


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Safety & Security Course Sept. 12-14 - DC area

I wanted to let you all know of a Safety & Security Course that Center for Safety & Development (CSD) http://www.centreforsafety.org/ is facilitating September 12-14 in the Washington DC area.  I participated in a CSD/Harvard Humanitarian Academy training in the fall and was very impressed with CSD’s resources and facilitators. 


The below link provides more information on the September course.  The introductory cost for…


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All eyes are on Zimbabwe this month as the African nation enters the home stretch of its high-profile, if predictable, election season. Indeed, perhaps the only ‘unpredictable’ facet of the Zimbabwean polls is when, exactly, voters are slated to cast their ballots. Despite repeated promises from President Robert Mugabe and his allies to have the contest take place in June 2013, Zimbabwe’s media outlets are now variously reporting that the election will take place…


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