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Corruption Risk Management: A Call to Action for Donors and their Non-Governmental Organization Recipients

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are often at the forefront of international aid delivery, acting as both manager and distributor of aid funds. NGOs, through funding by donor organizations, work to improve the quality of life for their target beneficiaries rather than for profit, often in dangerous and volatile parts of the world. Despite their altruistic efforts, it is crucial that donor organizations recognize that even NGOs are not immune to fraud and…


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Best Apps for International Travelers (...and they're free!)

wikiHOW: How to and DIY Survival Kit

This app includes life saving techniques, medical treatment tips and how-to’s including: how to build a fire, how to navigate without a compass or how to regain control of a spooked camel… You never know when this kind of information can come in handy!


Overseas Security

This app currently monitors 26…


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Strategies for Staff Security

We received a call from an international broadcast news agency regarding Wednesday’s rescue of the two kidnapped members of the Danish Relief Committee (DRC) by US military forces in Somalia.  The context of the discussion was whether the DRC should have used international security protection for their presence in Somalia instead of relying on local nationals.  Had the DRC attempted to employ international protection assets in Somalia, it very likely would have made their position untenable…


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“Can You Get Sued? Legal liability of International Humanitarian Aid Organizations Towards Their Staff,”

This post is a synopsis of the recent publication, “Can You Get Sued? Legal liability of International Humanitarian Aid Organizations Towards Their Staff,” by Edward Kemp and Maarten Merkelbach, of Security Management Initiative (SMI).


The paper highlights the legal…


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How are Safety and Security handled internally in organizations?

I am interested to gather input on how international organizations handle the two issues of overseas security and safety.  GPR8 (Van Brabant) defines both, security being things we do to protect against an adversarial threat to staff and organization, and safety focusing on protection from non-adversarial threats (travel/vehicle related risks, natural disasters, etc).  Is the common practice to house both of these under one…


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Institutionalizing the security function

I am interested in learning how your organizations institutionalized the security function at your organization.  I tend to get a lot of push back when it comes to the implementation of polices/procedures and mandates. Any comments or thoughts would be appreciated.

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Report on the gendered nature of security events

Insecurity Insight has just released a report on the gendered nature of security events.


The key findings suggest that the vulnerability of men and women differs, as does the way agencies react to security events that affected men or women.

  • Women are threatened more frequently and experience (or…

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Professional Liability Insurance


I am curious about what kind of coverage people have for themselves as I am looking to upgrade mine and want to see if there is something I am not fully considering.




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Ushahidi is a fast growing and very interesting way of mapping data. This can be of interest for NGO Security Managers. The following text is taken from the Ushahidi website:


"Ushahidi", which means "testimony" in Swahili, was a website that was initially developed to map reports of violence in Kenya after the post-election fallout at the beginning of 2008. Since then, the name "Ushahidi" has come to represent the people behind the "Ushahidi Platform".…


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Aid Workers Security Report 2011

This month Humanitarian Outcomes published the "Aid Workers Security Report 2011". The report was produced by Humanitarian Outcomes AWSD Research Team; Abby Stoddard, Adele Harmer and Katherine Haver.

Key Findings:

- The past two years show a downturn in violence against aid workers that spiked in a small number of conflict contexts beginning in 2006 and peaking in 2008.

-The recent decline in attacks is mainly due to the shrinking presence of international aid…


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13 Days of International Assistance

13 August 2011 – An American development worker is kidnapped from his home in Pakistan.

14 August 2011 – An Italian aid worker and two Sudanese aid workers are kidnapped in South Dafur.

19 August 2011 – The international community observes World Humanitarian Day for the third year.

26 August 2011 – The United Nations office in Abuja, Nigeria, is attacked by a suicide bomber killing 18 and critically injuring dozens…


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