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Rash Assistance Service Hotline: RESCUE 117

The Rash Assistance Service Hotline (RASH) or officially called Rescue 117, is a civic, non-profit and service-oriented non-government organization with its main headquarters in Sariaya, Quezon, Philippines and two active chapters in Bulacan and Cavite provinces. It was founded by the over-all chairman Mr. Rolando M. Ilao 12 years ago, with the support and encouragement of its members and volunteers who are service-dedicated individuals.

The Bulacan Chapter has been awarded with several recognitions and citations by the Philippine government for the jobs well-done.

On August 1, 2008, the RESCUE 117, through its Chapter President, Mr. Aris Jumaquio, received the highest NDCC GAWAD KALASAG AWARD as Best Government Emergency Responders, which was personally conferred in the ceremony by no other than the President of the Philippines, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Several regional awards and recognitions were also conferred to the Bulacan Chapter by the Philippine government and other private entities since then.

Despite the RASH' exemplary performances, people were intrigued about its given name. "Why is your organization named "rash"? Is it something itchy?" Why don't you change "rash" to "rush" so it conveys to your quick response?"

Members, especially those newcomers can't help to understand or explain this word controversy. But for those who are still confused, let us consult the dictionary.

According to Encarta Dictionary, the word "RASH" has two different meanings;

rash [rash] 
(plural rash• es)


1. skin eruption: an outbreak on the surface of the skin that is often reddish and itchy, or;

2. Several instances: a series of events that happen in a brief period and are considered to be unusual or rare.

• Examples: a rash of accidents, a rash of calamities, a rash of burglaries, etc. 
[Early 18th century. Origin ?]

Microsoft® Encarta® 2008. © 1993-2007 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

On the other hand, according to New Handy Webster Dictionary, the word "Hasty" means "Quick" or "Rash" which has also the same connotation as in the word "Rush", a transitive verb which conveys to "do something hastily".

Rescue 117 proudly introduces this official abbreviation since the word itself stands for the complete organizational title, "RASH ASSISTANCE SERVICE HOTLINE (RASH)".

The organization was conceptualized and subsequently registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 1998 purposely to assist victims of traffic accidents, calamities, or any emergency cases and/or to several instances, such as series of events that happen in a brief period and are considered to be unusual or rare, as the dictionary so defines, using its Paramedics, ambulance and Rescue Teams in coordination with the different government agencies, civic-oriented groups and other private sectors tasked for this particular purpose.

So next time or in times of emergency, "Rash" assistance is just one text away, like Spiderman.

About The Author: Onofre "Efren" Poonin

More than twenty years in the investigative jobs. Twelve years of which were spent as Consular Investigator of the U.S. Embassy's Anti-Fraud Unit, Philippines. The rest were spent as Security Investigator/Manager of different security agencies in Metro Manila. As a BS Criminologist, I spend my time between essay article writings and security management job. I have published my first seventeen articles in different websites and I'm currently working on my 18fth essay article.

I value my co-writers' thoughts, opinions, ideas, and their passion towards what they want to achieve. My philosophy revolves around the simple premise that I exist to turn my dreams into something real, and then shape that reality into an exceptional product, one which exceeds all of our expectations.


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