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Travel Risk Management Duty of Care Checklist by David Suomi

Travel Risk Management Duty of Care Checklist

By David Suomi

Part I: Evaluating Your Responsibility- Protecting Your Employees & Organization with Proper Planning

An estimated 1.3 million business trips occur each day just within the United States*. Now, add to this the fact that International travel is growing rapidly each year as organizations realize the importance of having an on-the-ground presence. However, with that presence also comes risk. If your organization has employees who travel internationally, their safety must be a top priority.

I've been working in the nonprofit industry for over 25 years and have witnessed first-hand the growth of international travel. It's an exciting time for businesses and industry to build cross-cultural programs, relationships and close deals.

Has your organization discussed Duty of Care and risk associated with employees' international travel? If not, now is the time. TDS has a comprehensive checklist that organizations can tailor to meet their needs. We encourage clients to use this checklist to begin the dialogue with their legal and risk assessment departments and to create a policy that protects both traveler and organization.

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David Suomi is an executive with over 25 years’ experience in the international nonprofit and humanitarian sector. Working with TDS*, David helps clients understand their exposure and advises them on how to educate their employees and assignees to reduce that exposure.

*Disclosure: TDS is an INSSA Corporate Supporter. Any views and opinions expressed are those of AHT Insurance and do not necessarily reflect those of INSSA and should not be construed as an endorsement by INSSA, its staff, or its members.

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